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What I Learned From The Most Dangerous Man In America

June 22, 2018

 This is a post from the original blog, revamped and reposted just for you:


I just finished binge watching another Netflix series. As I sit motionless with an empty macaroni bowl beside my bed, and clocking in another hour of inactivity, I had at least taken the time to try to understand someone who most people would consider “insane”.


The Unabomber.


Netflix has put together a psychologically trilling series, called Manhunt, on a guy who struggled to change the world.


Problem is, his unorthodox methods weren’t the best way to convince society that autonomy is fading. Like a modern day joker, he tows the line between relatable genius, and complete psychopath.


Even though he’s a murderer, he preaches autonomy…and that caught my attention.


Image from Netflix.com


With ten days of vacation coming up, I almost don’t know how to spend it. I could literally do anything, and my first night of freedom is spent watching Netflix in a building less than a mile from where I work.


I stop at red lights and wait, even when no one is around, on my late night runs for food.


I patiently wait for my slow Internet connection to load photos on Instagram so I can look at it for a quarter of a second, double tap, scroll, and repeat.


My impression of “freedom” is actually a lot less free than I realize. This is the issue the Unabomber was trying to communicate. 


Now, before you think I have sympathy, check yourself. He mailed bombs. That’s stupid af. And even though it’s been a while, it’s still important to mention that our thoughts and prayers are with those who were affected.


But for the point I’d like to make with this post, I’m looking past the incredibly unfortunate and terrible acts of violence to see the psychological perspective that drove him to murder innocent lives.

Image from Netflix.com


We have all the freedom anyone could ask for, and some of us live a life that is almost as restrictive as the murderer serving behind bars.


We don’t take risks. We don’t travel. We consume. Pollute. Consume. Repeat. We eat the same foods, watch the same movies, have the same routine, and never challenge our faith, political opinions and values nearly as much as we should.


So with my next ten days, I’ve decided that I will take risks immediately, as soon as I see an opportunity. And if too much time passes without one, I’ll create one on the spot.


Most of us hold the freedom, technology, and physical ability to take almost any risk we can imagine. We just lack the awareness that our time is limited, and our freedom is unlimited.


Don’t mail a damn bomb. But for the love of your life, do something today that scares you a little bit. Closing the laptop and walking outside is a great start.

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