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Never Sleeping: The Manager Behind The Grammy Award Winning Artist, Steve Aoki

June 8, 2018

 "We adhere to the Aoki mantra. By Any Means Necessary. We are a very agile, flexible and smart team. I believe we can handle anything that is thrown at us."


If you're a fan of EDM music, or if you don't live under a rock, you've probably heard the name Steve Aoki. And you know that name because Steve is surrounded by a team of people who know how to market and grow an artist's brand.


Meet Dougie Bohay, the day to day manager and mastermind behind the Aoki name.


I had the privilege of filming Steve Aoki a couple months ago in Park City, Utah, and was able to meet his team and connect with his manager, Dougie. I was surprised to see how inviting this group of dudes were, when they worked for an artist at such a high profile.


In my experience, a lot of people in this industry can be pretty closed off or plain mean. It was nice to instantly make some real friends who took the time to get to know me, and allow me to collaborate with my craft.


But that doesn't mean for a second that their job is easy.


"It's the most fast paced and robust job I could imagine having," Dougie describes his life behind the scenes. "Working for Aoki gives me the opportunity to do things I never imagined I would have been able to do."


I imagine it's tough working for a guy known for never sleeping.


"It’s a very exciting job that takes an incredible amount of dedication and organization," exciting like flying around the world in a jet with Aoki's hair printed on the side? "Aoki is the hardest working man in the business, and requires his team to equal his pace. I'm proud to work for Aoki and equally proud of the team that surrounds Aoki. We do amazing work."


Meeting Aoki at his energy level must be like watching a Lamborghini take off and then deciding to catch up with it on foot. You probably need serious recharges.


"There are a few things that help," I'd guess something like Red Bull mixed with cocaine is the minimum here. "Playing hockey, getting in or around the ocean, the mountains, the desert and spending time with the people I care about. I just recently got a puppy, and he's been great for adding happiness to my life."


Maybe his puppy can be friends with the one The Chainsmokers just got.


But wait, did he just say hockey?


"Some people don't know I am a Canadian, and play hockey."


He's Canadian. That explains why he's so nice to me.


"From being an intern at a small indie label in Canada, to where I am now; while doing every position in between at record labels and management companies," Dougie talks about where it all started. "It's a long story, but I would say it is a story of absolute persistence, dedication, and hard work. The typical ingredients, I would say. It also has to do with the right timing, and the right networks."


"I am proud to say I started from the bottom."


Congrats, Drake twin. You're even both from the land of maple syrup.


"Aoki has never been bigger in the world and I want to continue sustaining and growing his career and his brand," I can't imagine how he can get any bigger. "One of the most exciting things about Aoki is that he has interests in so many things outside of music, and that allows us to branch out and grow his brand in many other businesses and fields."


Too bad he has no interest in sleep. I actually asked what Dougie would do if he wasn't working for Steve anymore, and he said he'd sleep for a week.


But even with a lack of sleep, Dougie seems to find balance. He describes himself as one who seeks balance, straying away from being either too unpredictable or too routine.


"I may be one of the rare people on the world that has no social media whatsoever," this might be the key to his balance and fulfillment. He's focused on Steve, loved ones, and Dougie only. "So you can find me in Malibu on the weekends near the water."


With that said, you can follow Dougie in person, because we don't have any social channels to list for this week's feature!


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