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Choose Your Own Adventure: Colin Dougan Lets Instagram Decide His Fate

May 28, 2018

 "I was so tired of living at home and not being stoked to get out of bed, which is not a way to live."


"I was getting excited because it was starting to get warm outside, and then we got hit with a snow storm and I put up an Instagram poll that said, 'should I just leave the country?' – and it all started right there."


For those of you who don't yet follow Colin Dougan, he's spent the last few weeks traveling all over the world based on YOUR answers to Instagram polls.


Yes, Goosebumps fans, this is a real-time "choose your own adventure".


"My main drive for this adventure is to encourage a more care-free lifestyle," says the blond highlighted adventure boy. "So many people are so miserable in their current situations, but do absolutely nothing about it."


"I want this project to show that it’s okay to not be in control all of the time, that risk-taking is totally fine, and that things will still work out no matter how poorly they go!"


Basically, Colin puts up frequent Instagram polls with two types of answers. A more conservative "smarter" one, and then one off the wall "fuck it" kind of answer. You can probably guess which his followers often choose.


And I'm not going to lie. Even as the guy who literally wrote the book on unpredictability, this guy's level of whimsical carelessness scares me a bit. In a good way.


Photo provided by Colin Dougan


"I got the idea from being super indecisive and wanting to engage more with my followers," I feel like plenty of people can relate at least to the indecisive part. Like my girlfriend and her dinner choices. "I was trying to think of something that was fresh, and after playing VR for the first time, I think it sparked the idea of living life through someone else’s eyes. And yes, of course, I’ve had a ton of setbacks. Yesterday, we were supposed to drive a Lamborghini and Ferrari up the coasts in Porto, but it’s been pouring rain, and the rental we had is currently in repair. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss it as my flight to Amsterdam is tomorrow."


This life through someone else's eyes thing is refreshing, because Colin is truly focused on inspiring his followers, and making them feel like they're part of the adventure. Instead of just flashing a dope photo of his feet in a helicopter and saying that Bali was wonderlustful. Seriously getting tired of that.


But if you're not into jetting across the world, there are smaller steps you can take to avoid a dreadful routine.


"Shock your body," now I'm curious. "I find most restrictions to accomplishing what you want are the physical limits you set for yourself. If you don’t give yourself the option to back out, you have a 100% success rate! I started with ice showers. I lather with soap, and then I don’t have an option but to jump into the ice cold water! Afterwards, I end up feeling 10x better than I would from a hot shower. This is a very simple example that can help switch your mind into “F*ck it” mode!"


Fuck yeah, Colin. Let's take cold showers together. But maybe in different locations.


Photo provided by Colin Dougan 


"The moments that stand out most to me are the ones of silence," didn't Marshmello write a song about this? "Whether it’s walking out to the many lakes of Alberta, or finding a new cave or cliff in the Dominican, the element of discovery is its own kind of adrenaline. Recently, I’ve been addicted to standing on the edge of cliffs, or hanging off of ledges way above the ground. It’s dangerous for sure, but the rush of fear is unparalleled."


Can you feel your hands sweat yet?


Now, Colin mentioned that he's traveling everywhere and likes to drive exotic cars. The dude must be a damn trust fund baby, right? How can he afford all the expenses?


"This really depends on the definition of “expense", he explains." I might set myself back a few $$, but the experiences that I gain from these journeys are invaluable. Money always seems to follow passion, and I left home without a care for money."


"It comes and goes, and it’s just a # that people use as an excuse to stop trying."


"It is totally possible to live here for way less than back home. A monthly rate at most hostels in an amazing location can be $25-35/night. That on average ($30) x 30 nights = 900. At home we pay over $2000 in rent without internet or water. Making sandwiches or controlling your eating to protein supplements and inexpensive groceries can allow you to live abroad for way less than back at home with the average gas and fast food expenses. Replace a $5 coffee with fruits and a protein bar or enough meat for 7-8 sandwiches with bread!"


Sorry, Starbucks kids. But you travel better without that latte vanilla frap crop top rain drop. The secret juice you need to let wet your lips instead?




Photo provided by Colin Dougan


"Stop caring about what people think."


"If you’re not passionate, don’t do it. Passion is the only thing that will keep you pushing through the end of a hike or awake at night to finish and edit when you’re exhausted. Passion is the key to day in day out consistency, and I don’t see a point of living a life that I am not passionate about.


And shouldn't we add another ingredient to the passion mixed drink?


"Unpredictability," Colin must be a master mixologist."I think unpredictability goes hand in hand with the experience of something 'new' and original, and something without a direct origin. To be unpredictable is not to avoid setting standards and routine, but to instead be pushing further and trying something new or original to yourself."


You can follow Colin Dougan on:

Instagram (@thecolindougan)


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