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The Traveling Chiropractor Gypsy Neurologist Who Surfs And Deadlifts More Than You Do

May 18, 2018

"I moved into a treehouse at the age of 23, and I needed a place to shower, and thus my obsession with the gym came about as it gave me easy access to running water."


It's not every day that you meet someone that has lived out of a treehouse, but then again, what would be the point of this blog if we introduced you to people who lived in boring things like houses?


Meet Danielle Trinity, a traveling Chiropractor with a background in Functional Neurology. Yeah, you didn't see that coming.


 "A few years later," she tells us about what happened after the treehouse," I moved to Florida for Chiropractic college and felt a huge void in my life completely fill as I stepped onto the beach for the first time. Surfing followed soon after, as I visit the beach on a daily basis and strive to have any connection with it that I can."


Wow, this "beach" guy sounds pretty awesome. I guess she just swiped right and it was love at first sight.


"My way of life wasn’t chosen by me."


Danielle explains it was more than just a Tinder match with the ocean, "it’s a deep internal drive. I become depressed and melancholy when I travel too far away from the beach for more than a few days," I feel that. Try living in a landlocked state!


"The beach heals my soul and granted me a level of self love I never knew possible. I hope to take this level of self respect and spread it to other young girls out there through social media. I would like to be a beacon of hope and healing for girls struggling on many different emotional and physical levels."


Loving the beach therapy vibes. But something about Danielle caught my attention. She was a little more than most Surf Broads out there.


Photo provided by Danielle Trinity


"[Girls] are all unique," I sense authenticity and a story coming soon.


"Your uniqueness sets you apart."


"I’ve always been self conscious of my broad shoulders. When I started getting into fitness, I started getting SO many compliments on how beautiful my shoulders are. I began to realize that perspective is everything. Pre-fitness Danielle thought she was ugly. Post-fitness Danielle had an asset that other girls were working hard to acquire. How silly was I to spend years hating myself over something that I now had pride in? We should celebrate that which sets us apart. If I'm walking in a crowd and someone can point me out because of my deltoids, then that means I’m setting myself apart. Don’t we all want to have our own voice at the end of the day? Don’t we all want to be heard? Embrace the gaps in your teeth, the curls in your hair, the freckles on your nose, and of course, your broad shoulders!"


But could just being a girl hold someone back if their job requires strength?


Photo provided by Danielle Trinity. Dude in the back wishes he was her.


"Being a female chiropractor there is this idea that being small means you aren’t powerful," here's the part where she proves that wrong. "I find myself to be a better adjuster than most men due to the fact I rely on technique rather than brute force; that, and I can deadlift 240 pounds which means I can handle moving large men and women around on my table."


Dayum, 240? She can take a lot of my friends to school.


Our broad shouldered babe did mention that she might freak out if she felt monotony creeping in. I was curious to see how she avoids it if she is locked in (figuratively or geographically).


"I switch up a whole day of my life and say yes to (within reason) nearly everything."


Maybe we should link up for a surf session in Ibiza tomorrow...? Danielle buys the flights?


"I’ll wake up and start by changing up breakfast. If I normally make a smoothie, I’ll go meet a friend at a café instead. The people I normally don’t hang out with, I’ll say “yes” to that day. If they want to do something different that would make my normal routine feel uncomfortable (such as stay out an hour later that night even though I have to wake up early) I will say yes, yes, yes!"


Photo provided by Danielle Trinity

She mentioned uncomfortable, but what about unpredictable?

"This is the essence of my life: freedom."


Buckle up, kids, here's where it gets good.


"To not let yourself get tied down with bills, material objects and relationships that don’t serve you. But a word to the wise: this doesn’t mean you should be a volatile human being who can’t be trusted. Be a good person who treasures moments with people who support and love you; don’t let your love for material items like cars and jewelry get in the way of making memories. Have enough room in your life to say “yes” to moments you wouldn’t normally plan. To do this you must say “no” to the vampiric people that suck you dry emotionally and physically. Keep the friends and family in your life who love and support YOUR dreams, not theirs. Spend money on traveling, not makeup or clothes. This is the life that will lead you down overgrown paths to gardens full of magic, fiery sunsets on beaches and of course perfect waves."


Well, damn. Mic drop.


You can follow Danielle Trinity on:

Instagram (@danielle_trinity)

Email (danielletrinityfitness@gmail.com)


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