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There's No Time To Be Bored - Davinci Lam Lives His Life On Full Speed

May 4, 2018


“Being a creative is by far one of the most challenging careers, passions, and hobbies that exists.”


These are the words of Instagram creator, Davinci Lam, on his perspective about the struggle between chasing a passion and maintaining a steady income.


How do those Instagram photographers do it? Constantly travelling, never seeming to need funds to pull off the impossible. Hopefully Davinci makes it clear that it’s not all filtered sunshine and rainbows, but a very real balance between chasing a dream and building a sustaining career:


“When I graduated college, a lot of people asked me if I was going to be a photographer full-time," he explains how the fire started, "the idea intrigued me, but in the face of having to adult, pay bills, and afford things, turning something I’ve always considered a side hustle into my sole source of livelihood was a daunting thought."


Photo by Davinci Lam


"There are so many challenges that come with being a creative such as knowing how to direct a model, managing leads and quotes, networking, planning shoots, and perfecting the craft of editing."


"At one point, if I were to do photography full-time, the biggest worry would be focusing on it as work rather than a passion or hustle. Knowing each shoot is an opportunity for me to get creative and provide that level of “wow” versus seeing each shoot as payday are two different things."


This is something I struggle with myself. But sometimes you gotta take bread for the shoot. 


"Someday, maybe I’ll say 'f’ it and go for it,' but until then, who knows?" I feel you, Davinci. "I absolutely love to travel and will continue doing so since each place is an opportunity to meet new people and see more of this world."


If you're a fan of his Instagram, he wastes no time sitting still. Travel is pretty key.


Photo by Davinci Lam 



"In a world as beautiful as this, there’s no time to be bored," truer words have never been spoken. "To do that however, you need money. And… that of course is how this becomes a never-ending cycle of “yes I wanna follow this passion as a full-time thing” versus ‘but I need to adult with a full-time corporate career’.”


I'm hoping you continue to find that balance, dude. Just never fall completely into that corporate career. I heard it can kill ya.



You can follow Davinci on:

Instagram (@davincilam)

Website (davincilam.com)


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