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Five, Four, SMILE, Two...

April 27, 2018

“You don’t get paid for the hour, you get paid for the value you bring to the hour,” says MC/Presenter/Host, Samantha Riches.


Yes, she wears more hats than Kevin Durant has NBA teams, and she’ll take you guys to school on sports knowledge.


But, there’s more to this than just being hot and blonde. You actually have to be in control of the situation.


“Especially with comms in your ears,” she describes what it’s like to go live, “you are so focused on what the man up in the control room is saying to you. The camera is 30cm from your face and your floor manager is counting you in FIVE, FOUR, smile, TWO and…you spit out your script trying to remember the correct sponsors of that event and not mess up the 10 letter surname of the new debuting islander player. You’re ignoring the people in your ear and the feedback of your own voice coming at you from all angles of the stadium. And as soon as they cut, you’re either running to the next spot you’re going live from, or getting off the field before you get trampled!”


Yeah, count me out. I can barely brush my teeth and scroll through Instagram at the same time.


So what makes this girl different from the rest?




Photo provided by Samantha Riches


“Follow if you are after some cool content and just a goofy Aussie gal who doesn’t take herself too seriously,” she says with a smile, “I’m pretty real, I like to chase the sun, and am often caught singing out of tune and have an obnoxious obsession with quotes.”


And to that, we look to C.S. Lewis, who said, “friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”


Our Aussie friend also has some pretty amazing memories having been in front of the camera so often. She recalls a recent story of a marathon runner who agreed to have a camera strapped to him so the world could see his raw emotions during the race.


Photo provided by Samantha Riches


“He was way out of his comfort zone for all of us to see, and the vulnerability he showed and stories he told along the way of why he was there with us that day were, incredible,” she recalls. “It was viewed live by over 400K people, and I lost count of the amount of people he inspired to get up off the couch and give life another go. It seemed to bring the best out in people too, because the amount of support that flowed in for him when the mental side of the marathon started to take its toll.”


Well, this is awkward since I'm sitting down typing on a laptop. Kind of want to go punch a wall and fly with bald eagles, now.


I asked Samantha to tell us what was most unpredictable about her.


“My choice in music?!” She says, laughing. “Sometimes I am spitting every bar on the Drake album and next I’m belting out some Spanish song. I will play it on repeat until everyone who crosses my path is sick of it. Music is my boyfriend.”


Sorry, fellas. You’re basically going up against Drake.


Photo provided by Samantha Riches


And don’t expect to get any texts in either. We found out that she turns her phone to airplane mode before going to bed.


“I used to get lost in catching up on all of the notifications before I started my day,” she explains, “I often found myself drained before even getting out of bed and sometimes then running late! Now I get up, start my day, and when I’m ready…turn the phone back on!


Sounds like a solid routine. But sometimes life can become too routine, even for this superstar.


“Routines are easy to get into because they are comfortable. But we don’t grow in our comfort zone."


"I just constantly ask myself, ‘is this really making me happy?’ If not, I change it. Do something spontaneous since it will make you feel crazy and alive all at the same time!”


We agree. Maybe we’ll buy a plane ticket to Australia to kick it on the soccer field with Samantha. Hoping she feels the same way about puns as she does with quotes.


You can follow Samantha Riches on:

Instagram: (@samanthariches)


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