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This Mom Is Better Than Stacy's

April 13, 2018

 Jesus, fitness, travel, Instagram, and…a mom?


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say they can’t pursue the things they love because they decided to have kids. If that’s you, good news, your little monsters can’t crush all of your dreams if you still have what fitness star Jackie Peterson keeps as her focus – faith with a touch of grace.


Now before we dive into how this supermom balances all of her time between running her fitness blog, traveling the world and raising children, we wanted to find out what’s going on in her busy brain that keeps this juggling act in balance.


“I guess I don’t really believe in balance,” Jackie says. “I believe in surrender."


"We can never lead perfectly balanced lives when we do all that God has called us to do.”


Jackie puts a heavy emphasis on her faith.


Photo by Jackie Peterson


“As a woman of faith,” Jackie explains, “I believe that everything in my life starts with my relationship with God. He’s first in my life because without Him, my marriage can’t thrive, my business can’t thrive, and I certainly can’t be a great mother!”


I personally can barely keep gas in my car and my clothes washed at the same time. So how does Jackie make sure the latest blog post is done, her workout is complete, and the kiddos have what they need to keep growing?


“I certainly don’t do everything perfectly,” Jackie reminds us, “but after traveling for the past eight years, I have learned to be extremely adaptable and not stress the small stuff. Planning ahead and making a schedule is also something that helps me keep everything in order.”


Jackie seems to have always been the fitness guru that she is today. With an early interest in volleyball as a college athlete, she later segued to a combined focus on fitness and nutrition once she married the love of her life. But this new passion didn’t come without a price. Once her family moved overseas for work, Jackie suddenly became depressed and faced several health issues. She learned that nutrition was the root of the challenges she was facing, and decided to take on a new path. Combining her adventures through travel with the gift of children, she’s experienced many different stages of life that have given her some unique perspectives on fitness and nutrition, which she elegantly shares online.


Photo by Jackie Peterson


Jackie admits that she still doesn’t know where she’ll live in the next year.


“After years of living an unpredictable lifestyle,” Jackie explains,


“I do my best to stay calm. I’ve realized that worry and complaining don't solve anything."


"There’s very little in life that we have control of, so when something doesn’t go as planned, I try to remember that God has a much better plan in store for me than I do.”


Photo by Jackie Peterson


So what does it mean to Jackie to be unpredictable?


“It just means being yourself and growing!” She says with a smile. “People like to put labels on others and fit them into certain categories and boxes. I think as humans we are ever evolving and changing and that’s what makes us unpredictable.”


You can follow Jackie Peterson on:

Instagram: (@jackiepetersonfitness)

Facebook: (fb.com/jackiepetersonfitness)

Blog: (jackiepetersonfitness.com)


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