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Oh, So Tasteful

March 23, 2018


Don't we all want to be Instagram influencers, getting paid just to upload a photo of ourselves? Seems a bit unrealistic. But then again, this isn't the blog about "realistic" goals and predictability.


Meet Tasha Meys, famously known as Tastefully Tash, the Instagram Queen of impressions, audience building, and culinary dreams.


This too sweet of a Kiwi has made a name for herself by acing the art of the gram. Through two major profiles, she creates unique content for her combined fan base of nearly 70,000 followers.


The first was her original pursuit, @tastefullytash, where you can find a healthy dose of pink and purple coated treats strapped with chia seeds and fruit from all over the world.


"I love colour and bright fresh images that are full of energy and positivity," Tash tells us. In this case, I guess you really are what you eat.


Her second main account, @tashameys_art, highlights her talent in drawing. She's been able to merge both culinary and visual art into her posts, making this a step above your average "I can cook, look at my food" pages. And a little known fact, Tash has also been responsible for some major collaborations with her bestie @KristinaWebb, including some drawings in Kristina's best selling book, Color Me Creative.


Art By Tasha Meys 


With the success of Tash's two Instagram pages, she recently started her third venture with a podcast titled, "Ace The Gram", where she offers advice on how you too can grow a fan base and create unique content for yourself.


And if you're just an OG fan of Tash, feel free to follow her personal account, @tashameys, where you can discover what it's like to be a carefree Kiwi living in a world of adventure and sunsets.


We wanted to know what Tash looked like before she discovered how to leverage Instagram as a full time business.


"I started my Instagram as an asset to my degree when I was at University," she explains that she began with food. "The aim was to showcase my photography and recipes to help my job hunt. I started helping others with Instagram when my page had grown to the point people were constantly asking me about my Instagram journey, and how they could also utilise the platform."


Well, I'm one of those people. Even though I'm not pushing 70K, my followers took a huge jump after listening to some tasteful advice from this foodie.


"I'm actually a pretty terrible cook," she surprises us. "I say I'm a food arranger, as I love creating salads, smoothie bowls, and pretty food. But as soon as it comes to actually cooking a dish, I'm a bit lost."


Pretty food? Like Pretty Patties?


Photo from SpongeBob SquarePants



"Cacao!" She corrects us. "I'm chocolate obsessed!


You and every girl ever, Tash. But fortunately, she's not limited to one ingredient. I've admittedly been browsing Tash's gram to find new ideas I've even tried myself that I wasn't aware could hit all four areas of the food square.


Not sure what I'm talking about? Tash has recipes that are cheap, fast, tasty, AND healthy.


Not to mention if you put effort into it, you'll have something worth gramming - instead of that dumb plate of dinosaur chicken nuggets you made yourself. Congratulations, you're a true Gordon Ramsey. 


"I remember I made some raw berry treats from one of my favorite Instagrammers' recipes," wow. I want raw berry treats now. "She had always been an inspiration to me, and when she liked the post and followed me, I remember being over the moon."


I can relate. Every time I get a "like" from Tasteful, I feel like a damn Instagram ninja, and start to visualize what I'm going to do with all my social media riches.


Photo by Tasha Meys


"I sometimes spend too much time on my phone," she mentions one of the obvious challenges to running your business from your mobile, "ways I'm trying to combat this are reading a real book before bed so I don’t get lost on my phone, and having real life lists on the wall to complete! I recharge by walking and running in nature or on the beach. I also enjoy creativity days where, just for fun, I’ll scroll through inspirational content and create something that I want to create!"


I scroll through inspirational content all the time on Instagram. Basically any pages that start with @Tash.


She reminds us how to stay as fresh as raw berries, and unpredictable, by "allowing yourself the room in your life and mind to take opportunities when they arise. Create opportunities from your current situation!"


Art by Tasha Meys


I guess next time you're at a creative block, or just want to take a big step towards social media fame, grind up some yummies in a smoothie, and remember that the "waste of time" social platform in your hand could be the key to a successful life.


"Schedule time for yourself to play," she offers her final advice, "reflect, plan, and goal set. From this, take action - then figure out the details later!"


You can follow Tasha Meys on:

Instagram 1: (@tastefullytash)

Instagram 2: (@tashameys_art)

Instagram 3: (@tashameys)


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