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The Host Behind Your Favorite Trivia Game - HQ

March 9, 2018


Quick – you’ve got 10 seconds:


Which of these celebrities were not a valedictorian?

A. Cindy Crawford

B. Jody Foster

C. Kate Winslet



Keep reading for the answer…



This answer is Kate Winslet. Now, whether or not you’re a fan of celebrity facts, you’re probably a fan of the latest hot trivia show: HQ.


The concept of the game is simple. Twice a day, you’re given 12 multiple choice questions to answer in 10 seconds. Answer all of them correctly, and you take home free cash.


12 questions might seem easy, but don’t be fooled. The show is full of “savage questions” that are sure to keep you humbly fooled by question five. That’s not to say that people don’t win. Almost every time, kids walk home with money. Interested? Us too.


A trivia show as successful as this one is only as good as its host, and we were fortunate enough to get some of our own questions in with one of the two stars of HQ.


“I saw a job posting for the host of a no-name trivia show (back in the summer of 2017),” HQ host, Sarah Pribis describes how she got started, “I thought it could be fun. I might learn something. And BAM, flash forward to a million live players and the craze that is HQ.”


She makes it sound so easy. Too bad we’re not photogenic, confident, and clever in front of a large audience.


By the way, our opening question came from Sarah, since she too was valedictorian, and happens to love strong women.


 Photo by Sarah Pribis


“Sometimes it feels like I literally black out and just keep talking,” maybe we spoke too soon on the strong confidence, “I’ll finish a show and I’m like, ‘what just happened?’ And then I’ll watch it back on YouTube and it’s fine.”


If we had millions of people watching us try to come up with witty remarks on the fly, while maintaining a fast moving trivia show, we’d probably pull a Josh Peck weatherman.


But Sarah isn’t just limited to hosting HQ. She runs a pretty successful Instagram as well.


“I want to make people feel things – laugh cry, say ‘OMG I had that frustration just yesterday,” she shares our mutual distaste with friends who ignore Venmo requests. ”My ULTIMATE goal is to have a producer, writer, or director stumble on my account, and then cast me in their next project. However, the short form of Instagram is an easy way for me to practice and ultimately convince myself that I am able to make a feature film. I want to do that soon.”


Well, lucky you, Sarah. We happen to be exceptional writers. Just don’t expect us to come up with a feature film anytime soon. For now, it’s the blog life. And Instagram. Wait, how does she have such a good Instagram?


“I called up an influencer friend of mine,” please be Moonstruck Traveller, “and was like, ‘what gives?’ He basically looked at my Instagram and told me that there was nothing there to indicate my hopes and dreams as a performer. He said, ‘All you have are photos. There is no unique brand specific to you. I can’t tell what makes you special. Why would I follow you? Your Instagram page should consist mostly of videos, with a few photos to supplement it.’ Something clicked for me. I realized I’d been waiting for people to give me acting roles, and I could just start making my own. So I did a little soul searching, decided I wanted to brand myself as a down-to-earth, quirky free-spirited leading lady. And I started making content with my DSLR (which was accumulating dust at the time). It’s a nice little combo of photos and videos. With the photos, a witty caption is key. I had 700 followers at the time and I now have over 17,000. In an 8 month period.”


Yay followers! Maybe we’ll get a plug, and share some of those. Or, we can star in an unusual infomercial, and get our followers from Ellen.


Photo from The Ellen DeGeneres Show


“I saw a breakdown for an infomercial and thought, ‘I’ve never done one of those before, I should have that experience,’ and was cast from a picture pull and ended up in New Jersey on set for a very unusual product.” If you don’t know what we’re talking about. You’ve gotta see this – we can’t make it up. “I stumbled into HQ the same way I stumbled into being on The Ellen Show – through hard work, persistence, and dedication.” And a very clean hiney.


You hear that, Kim Kardashian? There are classier ways for your butt to get you famous. But if not for the breakout career after an infomercial, there has to be a best first move if you want to be an actress.


“Ahhhhhh do it sooner I guess?” She guesses? We need some stronger advice. “To really put myself out there and take chances and not WAIT for other people to discover me. To discover myself. And then SHOW everyone that self.” There it is, Sarah.


Photo from Sarah Pribis


Now, hosting a show for millions definitely isn’t routine by any means. But the time between tapings might get a little routine.


“Take an opposite action,” she tells us how to stay unpredictable. “If you feel like hibernating in your room and isolating yourself, go out! If you always feel comfortable in black, try wearing something colorful. It may feel scary at first, but most likely, you’ll end up feeling liberated. And you may discover something about yourself you never knew! And if you hate it, you never have to do it again, and you can look back and laugh about it. Life should be exploratory, an adventure!”


Time is up! And we’ll end right there on our favorite nine letter buzzword. Thank you, H-Quties, we’ll see you again tomorrow, where hopefully our favorite HQ host is there: shiney hiney and all.

You can follow Sarah Pribis on:

Instagram (@sarahpribis)

Website (sarahpribis.com)

YouTube (Sarah Pribis)


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