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'Annabelle: Creation': The Horror Movie That Showed Me Something I Wasn't Expecting

February 21, 2018


I'm going to go right out there any say it, the movie Annabelle: Creation, was some really messed up shit. This stressful marathon of a horror experience began last weekend at the Red Box.


"What movie should we get?" I asked my friend, James, as we thumbed through the touch screen selections in our local grocery store.


"I really liked The Conjuring, should we get Annabelle: Creation?" he asked.


"Dude loved that movie. Yes! Let's do it."


After watching the original in this now four part series, I was impressed that a horror movie finally relied on its story to drive the fear factor instead of cheap jump scares and gore. So you can guess that I was pretty excited to see where this insanity all began, with the prequel to the series.


It was already past 10:00 pm by the time we popped in the disk. Hard to imagine watching anything not on Netflix, I know.


And let me tell you, boys and girls, right out of the gate, Annabelle played no games.


Photo owned by Warner Bros.


This demonic doll was fucking shit up from scene #1. I'm not going to spoil anything, but I can tell you that at one point James had to watch the movie through his phone, and I was checking over my shoulder for a pair of glowing demon eyes.


If you see a character and think, "oh that person is definitely safe," they're fucking not. There's enough terror for everyone in this party, and Annabelle dishes it out faster than Fergie can ruin the National Anthem.


Now, I'm always down for watching horror movies with friends, especially since it's pretty easy to accept the fact that they aren't real.


But the reason Annabelle got in my head and kept me up all night was because this shit is real.


I know there isn't some doll parading around ruining children's orphanages and possessing little girls (allegedly), but the concept of evil being present in our world was a reality I had been numb to recently. I guess it's because my day is typically plain and predictable.


Because here's the fact that we can't ignore: if you're going to believe in God, then you must believe in evil - right?


Photo owned by Warner Bros.


Evil may not consist of a glowing faced demon in the corner of your room (although I was paranoid of this last Friday night), but I'm convinced there's some weird stuff out there I can't totally explain.


Annabelle: Creation wasn't the revelation that bad things are out there, it was a reminder. I evaluated my own faith and thought, "if I'm in a situation that really challenges my faith, how strong is it? Would it win?"


In the movie, those with stronger faith were able to stay above the demon's harm. But those who shook in fear were basically wiped across the wall and left to die in a basement.


When thinking of more literal terms like facing a possessed doll who's trying to kill you, it's easier to wrap your head around a good vs. evil matchup. But when it's framed in terms of real life, like "will I actually get the career I want," or "will I ever be able to overcome my self doubt," or "can we get past this dark place in our relationship?" it's harder to personify these evils. 


And the worst part is they aren't easy to see. Facing a demon might be more preferable to facing contempt or lust, since I could at least take a shotgun and light up a demon. Lust is a tricky bullseye to hit.


If you've ever read C.S. Lewis' work, The Screwtape Letters, one demon writes letters to another as advice on how to corrupt his human.


"The safest road to Hell is the gradual one," one of the demons, Screwtape, says to the other, "the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts."


Photo owned by Warner Bros.


I feel like I may have been on a path of fading faith without even realizing it. And it took a creepy looking doll murdering innocent little kids for me to realize that my faith maybe could use some strengthening. Try not to get too offended, no real people were harmed in the making of Annabelle: Creation.


But if you have massive balls and really want to put your faith to the test, Annabelle is in fact a real possessed doll, and can be found in a museum in Connecticut.


I'll work on my faith right here in Utah. Visit the real Annabelle? Fuck that every way possible.



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