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A Red Solo You Don't See At Parties: Why Gillian Davis And Her Horse Are Your New Best Friends

February 2, 2018

Photo by Gillian Davis 



We’re huge fans of how many horses we can have under the hood at once. Currently working with a modest 375, we’ll take you peasants on a race anytime you’re ready to lose a pink slip.


Recently, however, we’ve learned something about the bond that can form between just one horse, and the person riding it.


The Roan Rangger, also known as Gillian Davis, finds adventure on the back of her trusted friend, VS Red Solo. And no, it isn’t a cup you’re flipping at one of your “ragers”, it’s a well known steed in the equestrian world.


Gillian mentioned that growing and succeeding with her horse feels like a team oriented goal.


 Photo by Gillian Davis


“There is nothing like it,” she describes one of her favorite memories, “we went to the Virginia State 4H Horse Show. I was in the finals and had no expectations of winning. And in fact, I thought my pattern was terrible! Guess what? We won! I was literally in tears. I was so happy!”


We can speak from experience having ridden a horse before, it’s not exactly easy. But it’s interesting to see how something that can’t speak or use hand motions can so easily communicate with its rider.


“Everyone always tells me that they love to watch my journey with my horse Solo,” Gillian tells us, “I also think that we have a pretty special bond!”



 Photo by Gillian Davis



While it’s important for the horse to be predictable, and always run the correct patterns the rider leads it to do, living an unpredictable life is important to standing out as a rider if you’re going to get a callback for finals.


“Do something different!” Gillian emphasizes how to impress others, “try something new. Don’t do the same thing every day!”


Fine. You’ve convinced us. We’ll trade in our cars for a horse for one day. But as soon as we run out of apples, it’s back to 375 ponies and 17 miles to the liquid dinosaur juice.




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