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January 24, 2018



“I hate this day. I’m pissed at my stupid boss, and the morons I work with, and the traffic on the drive to my office, and my piece of shit phone that never gets service, and the junk food I have to eat to save time so I can send more bullshit emails to people who will keep sending them back. I hate ALL OF THIS.”


This is basically the vibe I was riding through the first half of today. I had boarded the hate train and I purchased a round trip ticket to ride it to hell and back. I let the fire build inside of me and made no attempt to steer this thing onto another track. Forget it; I’m going to the dark side.


At least until a sweet little something made its way into my life at the most perfect moment.


I was on my way to get overpriced gas before I picked up the same boring ass depressing lunch I eat every day, when I realized I was out of cash. Awesome. Just one more reason why today is worse than stepping on a Lego.





I quickly walked into the convenience store to find the ATM, looking past all the aisles of processed junk food and weird trucker snacks. Then I saw this big bright machine that had just recently been installed. It was neon blue with over a dozen stacked rows of hanging cups. It stuck out like a blue lightsaber in a dark room.


I reached up and grabbed one of the icy cups from a hanging shelf, and placed it on a nearby metal throne. I pushed a button, and the cup was lifted, in slow motion, up into a box that read “F’real”.



Photo from richs.com



Once the mysterious box was done transforming this magical cup, I grabbed a spoon and carved out a bite. And then it hit me, like the Millennium Falcon doing that hyperspace thing when the stars turn to long lines and Harrison Ford grabs the nearest restraint.


The greatest and sweetest angel like sensation of pineapple and coconut. I had immediately been transported from that old gas station to a beach in Fiji where Sarah Kohan was serving me fresh pineapples picked from a nearby tree. Sweet mother of coconut gods.


And from that point, the rest of my day had changed. Somehow, my rage train to hell had been cooled off by the scent of Malibu freedom as I decided to hop onto a mental beach instead. I had enjoyed the little things.


“Even if it is something quite trivial such as a fondness for county cricket or collecting stamps or drinking cocoa,” C.S. Lewis writes, “there is some sort of innocence and humility and self-forgetfulness about them.”


If you can enjoy any one thing in the world, it makes you almost invincible to feeling upset. Like an antidote to a sickness, gratitude is the ultimate trump card against anger. You can’t be both at the same time. And at $2.99 a smoothie, it’s a price I’m always willing to pay to drown in that coconut freedom.



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