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Help Stop Instagram Wanderlusters

January 22, 2018


There are a select group of people on Instagram who are pissing us off. We’ll call them the “Wanderlusters”.


They’re the people who copy the exact style of a more known Instagrammer, or post a plethora of travel photos with no real story, coat them with a blanket of quilt squares (####), and saturate every piece of content with a filter that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Not to mention a caption or quote that’s more overused than a Black Eyed Peas song at a high school dance party.


Some that come to mind are:

“Diving into summer/the weekend/Friday like_____”

“(insert anything here) vibes”

“(something that you’re good at) game strong”

*any reference to the Chainsmokers’ song “Selfie”*





I imagine these people as one big figurative circle massaging each other’s shoulders, so everyone is in a nice tight group of bullshit.


Why? Because these are the people who are attempting to boost their social status with likes and followers, making every desperate attempt to grow their following so it appears enough people actually care to follow their four day getaway to Spain or whatever dumb location they’re flying to just to Instagram.


Before you get your hashtags in a wad, let me be clear. These are the people boosting their profile with fake followers, hired bots to like and comment on other photos, and following anyone who double taps their “#tbt to Ireland where we had the most perfect waffles for breakfast!”





Sorry, random traveller who never answers DMs, I don’t care about your breakfast, your follower count, or the fact that you acquired all 15K of them with only 27 posts.


While we’re at it…


No, I do not need your Lightroom presets.


Yes, even though they’re normally $650, but you’re selling them for $30, I still don’t want them because Lightroom is already on my phone and free.


No, I cannot travel as often as you do because even you don’t travel as often as your Instagram makes it seem you do.


No, I do not care to see another photo of someone looking down slightly while a flock of photoshopped birds fly by in the sunset in the background.


Yes, you spent three hours editing a photo for 20 real people and 3,000 bots. I just cooked a meal I’m not going to photograph.


And if I see you use #Wanderlust one more time, I’m going to write a low-key rant on how unoriginal your travel blog/Instagram/everything are.


Well, look where we are.





Now, I should mention that this isn’t directed towards EVERY Instagram page out there. It’s more of a focus on the trends I’m noticing among the creators community where we’re doing a lot of copy and paste of each other’s ideas.


If you’re a creator, create. Stop trying to follow exactly how someone else’s profile looks. It’s ok to take an idea or two and tweak it to fit your style, but don’t go blatantly grabbing someone else’s captions, filters, presets, or styles, and passing them off as your own...

#wanderlusting #travelmore #followyourbliss #GodHelpUs.


Let’s take a look at some people we think who are disrupting the stereotypes, creating their own story, and constantly evolving their style to stay fresh and ahead of the game.






Our dude Rory the first to come to mind. This guy has point blank said that he rarely looks at what everyone else is doing. That way, he knows what he creates is always 100% authentic. Not to mention that he regularly films shows for artists like Krewella and The Chainsmokers, and takes what could easily be cookie cutter highlight films and makes each one completely different from one another.


 Photo by Rory Kramer






Sam has invented many of the travel edit trends you see today, such as the orange and teal look, but he still innovates at a pace that's 10 steps ahead of the Wanderlusters, so he's a great example of someone worth following. His best advice in a post he made a while back was to create your own story, and not copy what's already out there.


Photo by Sam Kolder






Chris is a traveller in every sense of the word. The best part is that he's able to tell the story behind his work. You feel like you're connected to someone as a friend, instead of an empty follower. And despite having almost 3 MILLION followers, this guy has answered every DM we've ever sent. That says a lot.


 Photo by Chris Burkard





Polina is our favorite little blonde from Moscow. Even though we can't understand anything she's saying in her stories, she has a way of sharing both carefully edited photos (all on an iPhone, with instructions on how to create them), and a raw authentic side with her stories. Not being able to understand anything she says, but still being able to follow the story, shows us that she's the real deal, and in it to deliver value back to her followers.


 Photo by Polina/Полина



In closing, maybe stop taking photos of every meal (unless it involves avocado. Tag us.). Make sure you share the story behind your posts instead of a copied caption, and remember that YOUR story is the most authentic and unique thing out there. Why copy someone else's, when you can highlight your own?



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