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The Guy With Your Dream Job: Joey Wright Shares His Life In Swimsuit Model Photography

January 19, 2018




“I shoot swimwear models so my future kids won’t have to.”


These are the words of one of our favorite photographers on Instagram, Joey Wright. And no, he’s not the model in the photo.


Seriously, can you imagine having a full time job shooting some of the most beautiful women in the world? This guy is a real life Barney Stinson, or so you’d think.


“I guess it’s because I’ve never been the Alpha Male,” Joey explains how he stays focused with his work, “women feel comfortable around me without any intimidation. I also keep things light and fun because ‘the camera sees both ways.’ I also grew up watching after my younger sister. I think that helped broaden my communication skills with women.”


Sorry, every frat guy we’ve ever met from DKE, your “I’m the dom” personality might work in a nightclub, but the key to having a week full of swimwear models is carefree communication.


Wait, imagine that. Girls feel comfortable around guys when the guys listen and communicate well? For our Dan Bilzerian fans out there, the difference in this strategy is girls pay Joey to create the Instagram content. Mic drop.


*pick mic back up*


But if you take a look at what kind of work Joey’s been into, you’ll wonder how he isn’t taking the throne as Hugh Hefner’s protégé.


  Photo from Joey Wright


“It’s important to have a strong social life outside of photography,” Joey puts an emphasis on focus, “that helps to treat work as work without relying on photography to fill other voids in your life, such as time spent around women. You can’t go out on shoots looking for love…it’s not good for business. That brings me to my second biggest motivator: I’ll never go back to a cubicle! I spent 10 years sitting in one and I wouldn’t risk going back because of an unprofessional slip-up.”


I guess even swimwear photographers have to find a work-life balance. And we can totally agree with the whole cube thing. Even a fling with @moonstrucktraveller wouldn’t make it worth it to risk everything for the grey foamy prison of a corporate cube city.


“If I can’t say my camera, I’ll go with my 24-70,” we asked Joey what his tool of choice is when crafting his masterpieces, “if I was stuck on an island with a model, that would be the one lens I could survive with. Next, I would have to figure out how to build a computer and Wi-Fi network out of coconuts and bamboo.”


He may have to save those coconuts for food, however. We learned that Joey is “a fat kid trapped in a skinny guy’s body”, able to eat over 4,000 calories in a single meal.


                     Photo of Joey Wright


He could always train with Michael Phelps with that kind of diet, if photography gets boring. Either that, or go back to the comedy routine he did for a couple years before he got serious about creating one-of-a-kind photo-shoots.


Other than his ability to remain focused on his grind, and be pleasant to work with, we wanted to know what makes this photographer a little different from the rest.


“Take a step back, put everything on the scale, and toss whatever is weighing you down,” Joey explains. “There’s only one thing that can happen when you haven’t found a proper balance… you tip! Besides balance, variety is important for creatives to stay interested. Give yourself a little “life scramble,” as I call it, and find a new hobby every so often. This year, I got SCUBA certified and I’ve also been training in tactical shooting. Both activities require new skillsets and complete focus on the task at hand to avoid serious risk.


He’s a SCUBA certified, gifted shooter in both weapons and cameras, who lives in Miami and has a contact list of the world’s greatest models. Oh, and he cruises around regularly on his Onewheel. Taylor Swift, you can’t have this guy, because we already call dibs.


 Photo from Joey Wright



“Embrace the unknown,” Joey describes what it means to be unpredictable, “that’s exactly why I had to leave my last day job…I knew exactly what I would be doing the next day, week and year. Currently, I have no idea what tomorrow will bring and while that can produce both excitement and fear, it will always keep me on my toes.”




You can follow Joey Wright on:

Instagram (@joeywrightphoto)

Website (joeywrightphoto.com)



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