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A Real Life Genie Tells You What It Takes To Grant The Boldest Wishes

January 12, 2018


One fish, two fish, red fish, Bluefishing.


If you’ve been married by the Pope in the Vatican, serenaded by Elton John, or discussed business with Elon Musk, then you might be a client of the motorcycle riding British beast known as Steve Sims.


“Bluefishing,” Sims explains his brand, “is being ignorant to the possibility of failure.”


I guess when you’re taking on the world’s most impossible dreams and bringing them to reality, you almost need to be unaware that something could fail. So what happens if failure does happen?


“Oh well,” he brushes off the question, “I’ve fallen over. That’s just refined me – not defined me.”


We’re going to be honest, if we were failure, and we saw Steve roll up on his badass motorcycle, take off his jacket, and look us in the eyes with his pierced face as he took a sip of strong whiskey, we wouldn’t want to stick around.


But something about Sims draws in some of the world’s most successful individuals.


“Listen to everyone,” he says with a smile, “that’s the key. You expect Richard Branson to drop a nugget of wisdom on you. You don’t expect it from someone delivering drinks, parking your car, or someone who just happened to be on a bus next to you.”


And thank goodness. This willingness to be open to anyone was how we were able to connect with Sims in the first place. His humble spirit with a willingness to learn from everyone stuck out to us right away. Sims is special because he navigates both relationships with phenomenal clients and interactions with everyday people without superficiality. Which made us wonder, what does his friend circle look like?


Photo from Steve Sims' Facebook Page


“If you can phone someone up and say, ‘we’ll drink tonight at 8pm,’ that’s a friend.” Sims explains, “know the person, and invest in the relationship. You can’t pay your bar tab with Facebook likes.”


Well, this is awkward since we’re trying desperately to gain more traffic on Facebook. Maybe we’ll be paying for whiskey on our own for now.


A guy who enjoys the bitter drink as much as Steve does must not have many fears. So we asked what might keep him up at night.


“What if I’m in the same position today as I will be next week?” Sims says, “that’s something to be scared of. I need to try things. I need to venture out there.”


In addition to remaining complacent, being too strict can also cause trouble for a guy like Sims. “A lot of things don’t go as planned, but I try to keep my plans fluid. A tall palm tree doesn’t get blown over in the heavy winds because it knows how to move.”


We can definitely agree that a rigid plan can be tough to follow when things start to get crazy. Just ask the Atlanta Falcons defense. Too soon?


All Super Bowl losses aside, let’s remember that many people today seek structure. They crave comfort. Even if their current situation is terrible, they’ll stay if it’s easy.


“People are comfortable even when they don’t like where they are,” Sims explains. “They know they can’t afford stuff. They know they’re in a bad home. Don’t be frightened to try something new. Be frightened you’re going to be in the same bloody rut this time next month.”


 Photo from Entrepreneur.com



Maybe we shouldn’t spend 9 hours watching Stranger Things and actually try to make moves on improving our career path. Ok; one more episode.


Steve Sims has been a good friend of ours for a while, and it’s refreshing to find someone so full of authenticity, and a genuine desire to get to know you simply to build a relationship and share moments. To us, that’s pretty unpredictable in a world of copy and paste personalities.


“I don’t think I’m unpredictable,” Sims says, “I just don’t take no for an answer. I do more than what I say I’m going to do. I am what you see, and I’d be impossible to misunderstand.”


Steve, to us, all of that is pretty rare in this world. And for that reason, we’re happy to consider you a friend. Can we grab drinks tonight at 8pm?


Be sure to check out Steve Sims’ new book, Bluefishing: The Art Of Making Things Happen.




You can follow Steve Sims on:

Instagram (@stevedsims)

Facebook (@SteveDSims)

Website (stevedsims.com)



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