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7 Lines To Start A Conversation Without Sounding Awkward

January 8, 2018


Whether it’s your old crusty Uber driver, a hot guy in a club, or a cute waitress at a restaurant, starting a conversation with anyone can sometimes be so awkward that you’d rather unlock your phone and stay in your own little world.


We’re right there with you.


But what happens if you meet someone new? You might discover they are just like you. Or they know that crazy high school friend you know. Or maybe you just both can’t stand millennials who still buy $34 slices of got dam avocado toast.


Whatever the benefit, we all know the opening line is the hardest. Here are some ideas to help you get past that first hurdle:



 1.  What’s your story?



Everyone has a story, and no two stories are the same. Everyone likes telling his or her story too. How they tell it is up to them, but most people at least know how to answer this question. You’ll likely get an answer straight from the heart right away.



 2.  Where are you from?



Even though this is fairly cliché, it can be a good one for those of us who aren’t ready to jump all in on learning our Uber driver’s hopes and dreams. Everyone is from somewhere, and you’ve surely at least heard of where they’re from. People are also usually proud of where they’re from, and will go into sports, hobbies or travel related to wherever that might be.



 3.  Who is the hottest artist on your playlist right now?



Are you blasting The Chainsmokers like everyone else? Maybe throwing back to Blink 182? Or you’re super weird and still like Nickelback? It’s cool. We won’t judge. But we’d like to know. There’s a lot of music out there, and you can either talk about shared artists you both sing in the shower to, or learn some new music on the spot.



 4.  That ____ you have looks like _______.



That shirt looks like one I saw on Justin Bieber one time! Your purse reminds me of this store I saw in New York! Your shoes look like Tony Hawk’s! You get the point. You can even make it up. No one cares. Make the connection and you’re in.



 5.  You look familiar, are you someone I’ve seen on (favorite media platform here)?



Maybe they look like another one of those snobby travel bloggers, or a “public figure” (I guess that’s a job title now?), or your favorite model you check on Instagram regularly (@moonstrucktraveller DM me?). Doesn’t matter. They don’t even have to look like anyone. Just throw it out there or say they look familiar to give yourself an excuse to start the conversation. One time I met the grandson of the guy who created Publix because I said he looked like Macklemore (he did). Bonus points if they actually look like someone famous because congrats – you’ve started off with a compliment.



 6.  You might be the most attractive person here.



NOTE: This only works on three conditions. One: it needs to be written on a new text message or new note on your phone. Two: the room needs to be so loud (like a club) that they can’t hear you, so typing a message out makes sense. Three: this isn’t a regular conversation starter, it’s a pickup line.


I’ll be bold here and say that THIS HAS NEVER FAILED ME ONCE. This is playful and spikes their curiosity since it’s like passing notes in elementary school. They might take your phone and write a message back. They might add their number at the top and hit send. Or you might have to just smile, and type another message out. Sometimes I show the message, smile, then walk away. I’ll strategically reappear later and it’s like seeing an old friend.



 7.  Can I ask you a question?



Short and sweet. Like the candy stick in a Fun-Dip. This works well because it lets you get into someone’s bubble without being too assertive. It’s like “hey I want to have a conversation with you, just let me know if you have time, and I’m not creepy” but shorter. Just make sure you have a simple but unique question in mind to ask. Don’t make it a lame pickup line. Looking at you, dude with inflated ego and popped Ralph Lauren polo.



Which lines you use are up to you. Some will work some of the time, some won’t ever work for you. Try them out and DM us on Instagram (@TheArtOfUnpredictability) your story. Just remember, the best thing you can do with any of these is BE CONFIDENT.



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