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"That One Blond Kid" Jumps Out Of Hot Air Balloons, Films The Chainsmokers, And Never Fills Out Job Applications

January 5, 2018


“Marquee sponsored like 500 cheeseburgers from McDonalds for Rory Kramer, so me and Rory are on top of this table handing cheeseburgers out to people. I looked at him and I was like, ‘dude, a year ago we were on a hike getting to know each other for a sunrise to get some drone footage for one of your videos, and here we are throwing McDonalds cheeseburgers on one of the most popping clubs in New York City.”



Jeremiah Davis, or “That One Blond Kid”, originally caught our attention after he started to collaborate with The Chainsmokers, and eventually several other music artists and social media influencers. If you’re a content creator, you probably understand how many people out there are trying to get their work noticed, and it can be a bit overwhelming on platforms like Instagram. But for some reason, blond hair sticks out in the crowd.



“I was convinced that high end execs would never remember my name,” Jeremiah explains the meaning behind his nickname. “But they would remember what I looked like, and they’re going to say, ‘oh, it’s that one blond kid.”



If you’re familiar with the work of this golden haired stud, then you’ve probably caught at least a Chainsmokers post or a Snapchat story about him. We asked how he balanced touring with his pursuits towards his original Snapchat series titled, Without Limits.



“I would go on Chainsmoker tours, then I would come back, edit for the guys, then do a 2-3 day adventure for this Snapchat series, bring the footage back to a small team, and I would fine tune and direct the final edit.” Jeremiah is balancing all kinds of media platforms to showcase his work, “they’re pushing that series to go to television. There are some big things in the works in regards to this social media show turning into an original series.”



We were lucky enough to film our first festival, which happened to be one of the Chainsmokers’ first big acts, at TomorrowWorld. So we can understand that everyone has to start somewhere. Jeremiah’s journey started in his high school years.



“I watched the movie The Social Network,” he recalls leaving the theater, “I remember I was completely pissed off at the concept that this guy had one creative idea, and he just made millions of dollars.”



Join the club, kid. I wish I linked up with Bitcoin last year but we can’t all have a breakout idea with no effort. But the blond hair brought light to the idea that a creative idea is only the start. It will always take hard work to bring it to light.



”You can work a 9-5 as long as you want but you’re not going to get paid a million dollars. So I was like, ‘why am I not working on a creative idea that’s going to make me a ton of money?’ The combination of having a camera, a creative bug, and this entrepreneurial mindset to chase opportunities helped kickstart my career.”


 Photo from @ThatOneBlondKid


As much as we’d like to believe anyone can DM his or her favorite social media influencer and get a leg up, it’s refreshing to know that Jeremiah didn’t have anything handed to him. He built the right skillset, and when a McDonalds craving, bandana wearing, professional-lake-life-living artist like Rory Kramer showed up, our blond kid had built the scene to live without limits.



“The reason why I’m able to keep going is because a lot of my work isn’t repetitive,” Jeremiah touches on how his life can be unpredictable. “I can work fully in the music scene, but it’s always different music artists, and each artist has a different friend group, and it’s a different dynamic and it’s a different vibe on tour. Things are constantly changing.”



With vibes and tours changing as often as DJ Khaled changed music in his last EDC performance, we know that change can sometimes be a challenge. So it takes a special balance to know when to bounce from one thing to the next.



“There’s these things that I repeat over and over again, and I put them on this bucket list,” he starts to bring up some of the wild ideas he’s had in the back of his mind. “If I actually sit and think, ‘I want to do this,’ I can logistically look at it and I’ve got the money for it, and I can squeeze it in during this time, this is potentially possible. Once that starts going, and there’s some movement, I’ll just lock in on it.”



Lock in. Ok. On what?



“It took me almost a full year to get that balloon jump.” Jeremiah talks about a recent stunt he did where he jumped out of a hot air balloon after getting certified to skydive. “I would love to ride a motorcycle off the Grand Canyon or out of an airplane.” We learned that he has quite an endless list of wild ideas, but it’s only a matter of logistically lining them up, and a little bit of movement to turn an idea into a video on his Instagram feed.


 Photo from @ThatOneBlondKid



Since the Internet is saturated with content, we wanted to know how Jeremiah stands out.



“If you see something that’s really cool,” Jeremiah quotes advice he received from his friend Rory, “it’s going to be in your subconscious to reproduce it. Where if you’re not looking at it, you just can’t say that your work is knocking off someone else’s.”



Don’t worry, Lil Pump. With this in mind, we will never create anything that looks like your content.



Jeremiah switches to his own advice, “the market is being saturated with people copying other people. It’s getting hard to be original. Everyone’s travelling to the same locations shooting the same things on the same cameras.”



If you’ve watched any travel blogger ever, you’ll probably see Rory’s zoom transitions, Sam Kolder’s teal and orange colors, and Murad Osmann’s hand-holding couple shot in a “unique” destination like Greece or Thailand.



”Another reason I think I stand out is because I use a software that most people don’t use – Final Cut Pro X,” despite our disagreement with this choice, we had to hear him out. “We’re doing weird transitions and effects on these platforms, and because I’m not on the mainstream editing software, mine processes things differently.”



Speaking of doing things differently. We wanted to know what, besides his hair, keeps this guy authentic and unique.



“You just gotta not care,” he says laughing. “You look at the people that are on top. Those people really don’t care about what anyone thinks.”



He threw a curveball when he told us that he went to college for baseball. “I had a scholarship. I played baseball my entire life. There was a recruiting error where every incoming freshman lost their scholarship money for one year. So I took one year off, ended up surfing, I picked up video, I loved it. Then I got an opportunity to go to France, Spain, Portugal, Fiji and South Africa…or go back and play baseball. Then I said, ‘look, I’m going to go travel.’ I started traveling and filming and fine tuning what I did.”


 Photo from @ThatOneBlondKid



It’s really easy to fall into a routine, even with the most exotic of lifestyles. “Get other people involved in what you do,” Jeremiah talks about how to escape a routine if you’re caught in a cycle. “Whether it’s social media, or a church, or a gym, because that will naturally stir the pot. Another more dramatic thing is to just change everything around your lifestyle. If you don’t like your eating habits, go change your car and how you get to work. Buy new clothes. Change your appearance. It will shock your world, and you’ll start this new snowball effect.”



Speaking of change, he’s locking in for a 9-5 for the next three months to direct and edit something special. Completely reverse to what he’s currently doing, we’re hoping it’s as big as Rick Ross if he’s getting tied down for an opportunity.



“Being unpredictable is the best,” he says as we’re high-fiving that Jeremiah is on board with our entire brand’s theme. ”The rest of the world looks at you and they say, ‘oh this kid travels the world and takes photos…cool.’ And then you slam a Snapchat series on them. Being unpredictable carries so much weight in your professional life, in your relationships, and it’s one of the best qualities to have.”



We totally agree. When it comes to filming a Snapchat series, creating content for the world’s greatest DJs, or deciding what brand of L’Oréal to put in his flow, this guy is the quintessential breakout dream chaser. Make sure you follow Jeremiah so you can keep up with the lifestyle that’s as wild as his hair, and say things like “here we are throwing McDonalds cheeseburgers on one of the most popping clubs in New York City.”




You can follow That One Blond Kid on:

Instagram (@thatoneblondkid)

Website (thatoneblondkid.com)



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