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6 Things You Need To Do Before You Skydive

December 28, 2017


   1.  Book The Jump


Just book it! If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they wanted to skydive before they died, I could pay for another jump. Even though skydiving is a pretty cliché answer to “what would you do if this was your last day alive?”, so few people actually do it! And how are you supposed to actually do it if you keep putting it off? Look 2-3 weekends into the future, find one that’s open, and pay for your jump today.



   2.  Find A Friend


Why not use peer pressure to your advantage? It’s easy to flake on your own plans for a jump, just as it’s easy to flake on your own plans for the gym, or that diet, or that trip, or anything else you plan just for you. But when someone else is counting on you to follow through, it makes it a lot harder to clear the schedule and binge watch Stranger Things instead.



   3.  Mentally Prep


Just like you’d need to mentally prepare for a big test, or a game, or a job interview, you need to be mentally prepared for your jump! Have reasons to follow through in your head in case you start to have second thoughts leading up to the big day. Every minute you get closer to jumping, you will become more and more anxious and unsure about the idea – unless you have some predetermined reasons why you’re doing this in the first place. It might help to check out (Link: Will Smith’s Story About Skydiving) so you know that feeling anxious is just an indication that you’re on the threshold of feeling complete bliss. 



   4.  Full Night Of Sleep And A Full Meal


Now if you’re really nervous, sleeping might be tough. But it’s critical to following through. When your mind is clouded and worn out, you’re more likely to default to the path of least resistance. That’s why it’s so easy to purchase chocolate in the checkout line at the grocery store. Your brain is dead from all the shopping, so you cave easily. Rest can help keep your game face on, and fight the temptation to stay home. Not only that, but skydiving is physically taxing. I was surprised to find that freefalling actually wares you out! Try to get in a full meal about an hour before your jump. Your stomach will be settled and your blood sugar will be balanced, keeping your body physically at ease.



   5.  Get The Video Package


Your first jump is kind of like your first steps – on air. Don’t you want that on video? Plus, you get to see the look on your face when you’re experiencing maximum fear rapidly switching to bliss as your feet leave the door of the aircraft. Every skydiving company will offer some kind of media package, just make sure the one you get at least includes a video. It’s going to be expensive, but bite the bullet the first time and take fewer shots of tequila at the club that night to make up for the financial setback. It’s worth it!



   6.  Post On Social Media


Post a status that you’re about to go skydiving before you leave for the airport. That way, the world knows you’ve made a commitment, and you’re bound to follow through. Plus, now you have an anticipating crowd waiting to see that GoPro video of you screaming your face off while you smile as big as you ever have before. RIP whatever hairstyle you worked on that morning. You’re going to land on the ground looking like you tried to brush your teeth with a leaf blower. But the experience locked into your head will play again and again forever, because guess what – you just jumped out of a perfectly good airplane!



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