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The Art of Unpredictability

This book is about making the most of your life.

Will Collette got tired of seeing people not take advantage of the opportunities all around them. So he wrote this book to show you how awesome life can be if you're willing to do the hard thing and be a little Unpredictable.

"I believe in inspiring others to live a life where they are excited about the things they are unsure of. Through stories of spontaneous adventures, unexpected outcomes, and miracles in my life, I will show you how to embrace uncertainty and use it as a tool to reach your biggest goals."

Will Collette

Author, The Art of Unpredictability

Read The Preface:

What could a book titled The Art of Unpredictability be about? This is probably why you’re skimming through the preface to decide if this is worth the time, or if it will end up as another “bestseller” you’ll leave on a bookshelf to collect dust.

Honestly, this book is more about balance than anything. You see, we all need an equal balance of routine and surprise in our lives. Predictability and unpredictability. Each person’s balance is different. Some people value more chaos, and others value more structure. Where that line is drawn is up to you. This book highlights the unpredictable side. Because I think most people tend to steer toward structure and aim to control their life when they really should let go and just say “yes” more often. That guy who has excuses all the time? I hate that guy.

I’ve collected the best moments and challenges of Las Vegas adventures, Coldplay concerts, and major car crashes to reveal how you can develop my strongest personality trait—being completely unpredictable.

I hope that as you venture through each chapter’s stories, you’ll be more inspired to take on each day as if it were a videogame. You get to create your own rules, the boundaries are limited only by your creativity, and the best part is that anything is possible... I know, you’ve heard that before. But how many people do you know who actively prove it?

Let’s begin with how I was almost killed in Hawaii...

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